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Universal Cinematic Sounds
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Free Download Universal Cinematic Sounds

Catering to a Spectrum of Cinematic Styles  from Intense to Inspirational. Tesseract offers an extensive array of cinematic styles, spanning from 80s synthwave reminiscent of Stranger Things, to dynamic trailer music, eerie horror sound effects, and uplifting atmospheres. Whether you’re a filmmaker or a music producer, Tesseract provides the perfect sounds for any media production.

Crafted with both filmmakers and music producers in mind, Tesseract features 50 music tracks, each divided into individual parts, along with 493 distinct sound effects. Music producers can seamlessly integrate these sounds, with key-labeled tonal elements and BPM-labeled loops. The construction kits include separate stems for easy integration into your preferred DAW or sampler, accompanied by all MIDI files.

This sound library stands as our most expansive cinematic collection to date, encompassing universal cinematic sounds such as extended atmospheres, fractured drones, impactful FX, risers, shimmering tones, ominous tones, static sounds, brass, moog bass, piano notes, strings, braams, organs, bells, trailer drums, and hits. Explore additional samples, including music, within the 50 construction kits.

Wondering what a construction kit is? In Tesseract, it comprises a complete music track, dissected into individual components. You have the flexibility to use the entire track or selectively choose sounds and samples to suit your movie or music production. Alternatively, reconstruct the entire track by effortlessly dragging and dropping the included sound files into your project.

Accompanying the package are video tutorials tailored for both filmmakers and music producers, suitable for beginners and advanced users alike. With tutorials designed for those without a musical background, as well as those experienced in music production, these videos guide you on effectively utilizing a construction kit in Premiere Pro and FL Studio.

Not familiar with musical keys? The tutorials elucidate this concept, encouraging creativity by layering sounds of the same key or BPM, offering limitless possibilities for sound and stem combinations. Get ready to explore the diverse world of cinematic expression with Tesseract.

  • Total Files: 1,589
  • Plugin-Free: No Plugins Required
  • Resolution: Full HD (1920×1080)
  • Language Compatibility: Universal Expressions (Works for all After Effects Languages)
  • Ease of Customization: Very Easy to customize
  • 50 Constrction Kits
  • Instruments
  • Sound FX
  • Support: Free 24/7 Support
  • Control Layer: Change All Settings (Colors) with Control Layer

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