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RGB Glitch Logo After Effects Template

RGB Glitch logo
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CC, CS6 +ResizableNo Plugin

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Videohive RGB Glitch Logo Template for After Effects 46590279

The RGB Glitch Logo project offers an outstanding opportunity to leave a lasting impact with your logo.

The animation of the project kicks off with a vibrant showcase of design elements bathed in a striking yellow hue, enhanced by a captivating RGB effect and a distortion reminiscent of an old monitor lens. Throughout the animation, luminous lines and circles gracefully traverse the background, adding depth and visual appeal. As the animation progresses, the yellow design elements smoothly revert to their original color. Notably, each glitch effect is accompanied by a subtle camera shake, heightening the overall sense of realism.

Experience the perfect blend of creativity and visual impact with the RGB Glitch Logo project – an exceptional choice for showcasing your logo in a distinctive and memorable way.

  • Software Compatibility: Adobe After Effects CC (2016) and Above
  • Plugin-Free: No Plugins Required
  • Resolution: Full HD (1920×1080)
  • Language Compatibility: Universal Expressions (Works for all After Effects Languages)
  • Ease of Customization: Very Easy to customize
  • Placeholders: 1 logo placeholders and 2 text placeholders
  • Support: Free 24/7 Support
  • Control Layer: Change All Settings (Colors) with Control Layer

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